Monday, February 8, 2010

National & State Conventions & a National Merit Award!

February is here already!
Every year, just as soon as we get past the holiday season, Photographers of America hold their national convention - this year in Nashville Tennessee. I've been able to go for the past several years and have enjoyed the benefits of seeing the art of the most talented photographers in America and Australia along with how they work and run their businesses! As my eyes are trained to see what can be done, my work has improved! I have entered a print into the Western States Print Competition this year (held during the California Pro Photo Expo - California's convention), and have gotten my first Merit Print! Achieving this at the WSPC, means that the National group will verify the merit and this gives me my first National Merit. This is no small thing, as the prints in the competition are amazing, and have come from all around this side of the coast!

A few details about this image (the one at the top is my merit image)...
Last year we went to the Renaissance Faire near San Dimas. I took my Canon 5D with me, as people are traditionally well-dressed and interesting to watch! This handsome fellow just seemed surreal with the stark contrasts of his white beard and the dark environment he was in. Just shows that you have to be ready - you never know when something amazing will come into your line of sight! You can capture it now or it will be just a fading memory. Most of us have some sort of a camera with us at all times. I've even gotten some amazing images from my iphone. The one below is of my daughter on a trip to Lake Tahoe.

Something that we all need to be aware of...
If you have a hard drive crash will you lose the only photographic record of your last few years? Print your pictures! Even a shoe box full of pictures is always fun to go through, Computers don't make great storage devices for your life's memories!

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