Friday, December 11, 2009

Holidays & Joy!

Life at this time of year scurries along like a squirrel running for his life! I mention squirrels because I've seen a couple of them lately that were going so fast, I couldn't see their legs move! With their tiny legs and so much ground to cover, how do they do it? Can I learn to do that too? Maybe it is the motivation that moves them, or maybe they're just in a hurry, but if I can learn to fly like them, it could create a veritable time machine . . . (I'll be looking into that)!

I thought I'd show you a video that I created this week from a photo shoot last month. A very cute little boy who is only a couple of months old. He was a little tired, which makes for very peaceful portraits when a baby can relax into a little sleep! Mom & Dad and Grandpa also joined in the fun.

It is the second week of December, & having been busy with photo shoots, I haven't begun to decorate the house yet! This weekend we'll get some lights, start a fire in the fireplace (can't believe how cold it can be in Los Angeles - I know, you folks in Alaska get real weather, but this feels cold for us fair-weather friends!) Time to crank up the holiday spirit!

Holidays are all about families, love and respect. May this be a great Holiday Season for All! I'm looking into starting a few new family traditions as this will only be the second Christmas where we stay home! We'll miss the larger Sacramento family just for the season, but look forward to catching up soon! Joy to All for the Holidays and a Prosperous New Year!

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