Monday, November 17, 2008

What a weekend!

Saturday was a big day in Eagle Rock. The Women's Twentieth Century Club, of which I am a member, had their Holiday Boutique and I participated as one of the vendors (sure, wrong century, but that's when it was started & we're sticking with it!) I wasn't actually selling there, although if you asked (and people did), I did offer some special pricing on Holiday sittings. It was a good day, although there was a smaller turnout than usual (nasty rumors about the economy or something).
Sunday started with a family portrait in Encino (David - you'll be very happy with the images of your amazing daughters, and the family portrait will be a lifetime keeper).

Sunday afternoon our 20 year-old son came by to 'allow me' to take some picures with him and his dog. He made his very nice girlfriend of one year very happy by telling her he'd take pictures with her. It was fun & I'm so happy to finally have gotten some portraits of them.

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