Thursday, October 30, 2008

Fall comes to Southern California (today)!

As I write this, clouds cover the sky and golden leaves drift like giant snowflakes on two sides of my office! I'm hopeful that summer might be over (90 degrees at the beginning of the week)!
Halloween is tomorrow - very exciting stuff -- be sure to take lots of pictures of the excited children before they're too busy eating candy. The big new is that my website is redesigned and up at You'll now be able to see the galleries as they update with new photos. Here's one of the newest family shots of the best hairdresser in Pasadena, Carrie Sorensen of Faccia Bella (on Walnut) and her amazing family.
Last week we took some beautiful photos of a budding young actress -- I'll hold off on letting you know her name, but watch for her.

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